Supplementary General Conditions for commonly used Professional Consulting Agreements

In 2018 the Deputy Ministers and Industry Infrastructure Forum (DMIIF) formed a Subcommittee led by the Ministry of Finance, with participation from the Ministry of Citizens’ Services, BC Housing, ACEC-BC, AIBC, and the British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA). The Subcommittee collaborated to develop Supplemental Conditions for RAIC Doc 6 2022 Standard Form of Contract for Architectural Services and CCDC-31 2020 Service Agreement Between Owner and Consultant which were reviewed by the provincial Legal Services and Risk Management Branches before ratification by the DMIIF.  The agreements have been approved for use by all provincial Ministries and agencies who directly engage consulting Architects or Engineers.

Canadian Standard Form of Contract for Architectural Services – Document Six – 2022 (Digital Version)

RAIC Doc 6 – 2022 Supplementary General Conditions

CCDC 31 (2020) – Service Contract Between Owner and Consultant

CCDC 31 – 2020 – Supplementary General Conditions

If a different set of supplementary general conditions is developed or an alternative form of prime consultant contract is used, please reach out to your assigned consultant at the Risk Management Branch for support.